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Calibre Drilling Ltd. is a privately owned drilling company located in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

Here at Calibre Drilling LTD safety and operational performance are a joint venture and are held to the same standard. The partnership of safety and operations allows us to achieve a working culture that is perpetual in growth.

Safety First

Our unwavering commitment to safety ensures the well-being of our team, clients, and the environment.

Efficiency Experts

With cutting-edge equipment and seasoned professionals, we deliver drilling solutions swiftly and seamlessly.

Quality Assurance

From planning to execution, we adhere to industry standards, guaranteeing precise and reliable results.

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Drilling solutions for any project

Residential Water Well

Residential Water Well services include drilling, pump installation, repairs, well abandonment, and meticulous servicing, ensuring clean and reliable water sources for homes.
Residential water well

Industrial Water Well

Industrial Water Well solutions specialize in drilling, pump services, repairs, and maintenance, guaranteeing efficient water supply systems for industrial operations.
Industrial water well

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection offers tailored grout and coke solutions to safeguard infrastructure against corrosion, ensuring longevity and reliability.
Cathodic protection

Pre-Set Surface Casing

Pre-Set Surface Casing services ensure precise location determination and accommodate maximum diameter requirements, providing a solid foundation for various projects.
Pre-Set Surface Casing


GeoTechnical expertise encompasses soil sampling, pizometer installation, plant work, and core analysis, delivering comprehensive solutions for engineering and environmental projects.

Pre-drill Pile holes

Pre-drill pile holes provide precise drilling up to maximum diameter specifications, ensuring smooth operations for various construction projects.
Pre-drill pilot holes


Pump services ensure the efficient operation and longevity of your water systems. Our comprehensive offerings include installation, maintenance, and repair, ensuring that your pumps are always performing at their best.

Hot Water Tanks

Our services ensure reliable hot water systems for homes and businesses. We handle everything from safely removing old tanks to installing new units, guaranteeing secure connections and optimal performance.

Sewer Installs & Repairs

Our services ensure efficient and safe wastewater systems. From site assessment and design to leak detection and maintenance, we provide comprehensive solutions for all your sewer and septic needs, maintaining sanitary conditions and preventing contamination.

Certified Plumber and Electrician Services

Our certified plumbers and electricians provide expert services to ensure your home or business operates smoothly and safely. From hot water tank installations and pipe repairs to electrical installations and panel upgrades, we do it all.

Pressure Tanks

GeoTechnical expertise encompasses soil sampling, pizometer installation, plant work, and core analysis, delivering comprehensive solutions for engineering and environmental projects.

Water systems tanks

Pre-drill pile holes provide precise drilling up to maximum diameter specifications, ensuring smooth operations for various construction projects.

We’re commited

Quality Rigs For Any Project

Calibre Drilling Ltd. has been a leader in the drilling industry since its establishment in 1999. Starting with just one rig, we’ve expanded to a fleet of four rigs, offering a comprehensive range of services.  

Our rigs are equipped with cutting-edge technology for precise and efficient drilling operations.

We prioritize sustainability by investing in environmentally friendly drilling practices and equipment.

Our Clients feedback

What They’re Saying

Les Cogswell
Les Cogswell
We came back from vacation and found out our pump blew up and called Calibre and they were there within 45 minutes to diagnose the problem and within 2 hours they had parts and installed the new pump. Amazing service, greatly appreciate it!
Kinley Chorney
Kinley Chorney
Thanks for the excellent service Calibre Drilling. Very professional and knowledgeable in their trade. Highly recommended!!!
Margo Gaglione
Margo Gaglione
After experiences with several other companies, we found Calibre Drilling. Randy, the owner, met with us, identified the issue with our well, and booked a service team to solve the problem. He was extremely thorough, professional, and knowledgeable, as were all the other members of his team. I would not hesitate to recommend Randy and Calibre Drilling for any of your well needs, be it service or drilling a new one.
Sue Russell
Sue Russell
Wonderful service and expert knowledge on water wells. I have been struggling with very dirty silty water ( and I mean dirty) for over 3 years on a well drilled by a different contractor. They proposed a solution to remedy the situation while I was convinced I would need a new well. The problem apparently was from over pumping the artesian well. Three days later they installed a bigger pressure tank, a settling tank, and a flow restriction valve. As promised the water cleared up and has remained crystal clear now after 2 weeks. Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind back and saving me a lot of money!!
Donna Dersch
Donna Dersch
Just had the guys out repair a job that was done by another company 12 years ago. They knew nothing about this well and neither did we. They were very professional in searching this well out and gathering information. Great service, friendly, great at sharing information and cleaned up after they were done. Would highly recommend them.
Amy Garrison
Amy Garrison
Our well quit and we had no water this morning! Calibre sent staff out within a couple of hours to set up a water tank on this busy Friday, so we would have water for the long weekend and until our well is drilled. Randy was friendly and compassionate on the phone. The guys arrived promptly and we had water very quickly. Thank you Calibre Drilling!
Ingrid Schifer
Ingrid Schifer
Very professional, prompt and courteous service from all people dealt with. They were able to identify the problem, fix it the same day and at a reasonable price. Pleasure to deal with - I highly recommend them!
kedar chandra Pal
kedar chandra Pal
Good staff and great owner. Randy takes care his customers very well, and even they don't services those product.he refers to where customers get better service and best value for their dollars. Strongly suggest to go there before go anywhere else

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